My teaching experience is rounded and includes a variety of settings: science labs, small discussion sections, large lectures, as well as hybrid and online environments. I have also taught a range of students including non-majors and majors which specialize in both anthropology and interdisciplinary studies in the biological and social science.

To learn more about the philosophies I have developed and strategies I employ in my teaching, please refer to my teaching statement in the drop down menu.



Awards and Fellowships

2013 PFF-ASL Fellowship, MSU The Graduate School and TA Programs

The Preparing Future Faculty for the Assessment of Student Learning (PFF-ASL) program selects individuals from various departments and offers a series of interactive workshops and breakout sessions. The purpose of this fellowship is to help instructors revise their curriculum around effective student learning and assessment.

2013 Foundations of Science MOOC Development Fellowship, The Gates Foundation

I am currently working with a team of professors and graduate students on a massive open online course (MOOC) which was funded by the Gate Foundation. It will be offered for the first time this summer to an estimated 8,000-10,000 students worldwide. I was also selected to be one of two TA for this course

2013 Certification in College Teaching, MSU School of Social Science

This certification includes an intensive curriculum of workshops and lectures, a mentored teaching project, and the creation of a final teaching portfolio. My mentored teaching project was done under the supervision of Dr. Ethan Watrall and examined the effectiveness of blogging as a tool to increase active learning and build a stronger class room community.

2012 Ron Hart Award for Outstanding Teaching, MSU Department of Anthropology

This prize is awarded each year to an anthropology student who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in teaching anthropology. It is chosen by the chair of the Anthropology department at MSU. The prize for this award was $500.

2010 Teaching Award, MSU Center for Integrative Studies in General Science

I received special recognition from the CISGS for my years of work in their biology and society course, as well as my distinguished leadership role as lab supervisor in 2009. The prize for this award was $650.

2009 Learning Leader Award, MSU Department of Residence Life

The Department of Residence Life conducts a survey among all of their undergraduates and identifies instructors who inspire students academically. I received this award for my work in Integrative Studies as an instructor who successfully motivated non-majors to get excited about the intersections of science and society.

Leadership Positions

Lab Supervisor, Integrative Studies in Biological Science and Society

In 2009, I was asked to step in as the Lab supervisor for ISB 208L: Applications in Biological Science and Society. My responsibilities included preparing and conducting all TA meetings and overseeing 35 sections of labs and 12 other teaching assistants. This was the first time a non-faculty member held this position (let alone a non-biologist). I believe I was chosen because of my superior leadership and organizational skills, my trustworthiness, as well as my consistent success in teaching this course.

Facilitator, International TA Orientation

From 2008-2011, I served as a facilitator for the international teaching assistant orientation. It is a week long series of lectures and workshops for new international graduate students to help them develop strategies to become effective instructors in the US. My responsibilities were to present lectures, facilitate small group meetings and activities, evaluate presentation skills and follow up with students throughout the semester. I was also asked to serve on a keynote panel for over two hundred graduate students on best practices for teaching. I found this position particularly rewarding because I learned just as much from helping these new instructors and answering their questions as they learned from my advice. I continue to keep in contact with many of these individuals.

Online Course Supervisor, Department of Anthropology

In 2011, I began working for the department of Anthropology as the Online Course Developer and Supervisor. My department had just started an interest in developing online courses and hired me to oversee the creation and production of six brand new courses which successfully launched summer 2011. My duties included course design and pedagogical consultation, coordination of media production, and technical assistance through the duration of the courses. In particular, I spearheaded the development of ANP 201: Introduction to Sociocultural Diversity and orchestrated the contributions of six anthropology faculty into one cohesive course curriculum. This included developing overarching course goals as well assessments. I went on to teach the course in summer 2011 and assisted six other instructors as they taught their respective courses. In 2012, I oversaw the development and execution of five more courses which launched this past summer. I was also hired to develop a brand new course in medical anthropology which you can learn more about in the online class section of this site.