Online Teaching

In 2012, I received a fellowship to develop an online course, ANP 204: Introduction to Medical Anthropology. Below is my instructor introduction from summer 2012.

Click the links below to watch narrated power points from this course:

  • Username: student
  • Password: 29raxake

Introduction to Medical Anthropology

  • Course overview [watch]
  • Introduction to the Field [watch]
  • Conceptual Approaches [watch]
  • Illness Activity [watch]

Biological and Ecological Approaches

  • Ecology and Adaptation [watch]
  • Race and Medicine [watch]

Ethnomedical Approach

  • Ethnomedical Systems [watch]
  • Culture, Illness, and the Body [watch]

Experiential Approach

  • Experiencing Illness [watch]
  • Illness Narratives [watch]

Critical Approach

  • Culture of Biomedicine [watch]
  • Trends in Biomedicine [watch]

Applied Approach

  • Applied Medical Anthropology [watch]